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Why Protect

Why Protect Our Water Now? Because we have easy answers now and if our tap water gets spoiled, it becomes very, very costly or even impossible to fix.

Act Now (don't wait) While We Have Easy Solutions and Our Water is Good !


Ben Franklin: “You don't really realize the value of water until the wells runs dry” 

Airports & Water Don't Mix

WCA with Rye Lake in the Backround

Unfortunatly, Westchester County Airport
is Right Next to the Water Supply of NYC
and Most of Westchester. Lets keep WCA
small so it does not pollute the resource
that keeps us alive. Water !



The Speech by Susan Leifer is a
wealth of facts about the parking
garage and the airport in general.


This text will be replaced

 Developer Sees Green in Watershed Parking. We See Red!

 A private developer wants zoning changes to allow construction of a 1400+ car parking facility adjacent to the Westchester County Airport.

We oppose such action because it is in the watershed and posses an ongoing threat to out potable water supply.

We Ask our elected officials to please do the right thing and just stick to the laws